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Regional Logistics Centre Ltd adheres to corporate governance principles. All the company procedures and operations are bench marked and aligned to best practice. The management hierarchy ensures that management principles are well grounded executed and followed for the overall growth of the company.

Our structure incorporates an able Board of Directors which ensures that there is continued company growth and that wealth is generated for the shareholder.


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Huge number of claims associated with packaging, inland transportation, containerization and finally to destination by air and sea transport have given a higher profile to loss prevention. In the course of surveying, it becomes clear that damage or shortage of cargo could have been prevented or reduced had certain precautions been taken.  

This advice is not always possible from the drawing board or the sales office but requires surveyors who are fully acquainted with the hazards experienced in the course of transportation of cargoes of all descriptions The Surveyors integrity which will ensure that their conclusions are accepted as fair and objective by the parties and on occasion by the courts.

Available services are:

  1. Loss Control Programs
  2. Audit Safe Procedures
  3. Supplier Evaluations
  4. Marine Operations
  5. Multimodal Chain
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Marine Technical Services

  1. Pacific Marine surveyors Kenya Ltd regularly conduct safety inspections, condition survey and marine accident investigations on behalf of bulk carriers and tankers.
  2. Hull and Machinery - Pacific Marine Surveyors Kenya Ltd acts as non-exclusive surveyor for a number of Classification Societies. We have access to highly qualified marine engineers, and we also have consulting arrangements with reputable marine engineering firms;
  3. Pre-purchase Surveys - on behalf of prospective buyers, to determine the actual condition of a vessel and/or its machinery and equipment, including (if required & permitted) non-destructive ultrasonic thickness gauging.
  4. Non-Destructive Testing - ultrasonic thickness gauging of steel plates and pipes using Pan metric’s 36 DL Plus units.
  5. Hatch Tightness Testing – We can provide tightness testing by ultra sound or by way of hose testing for water ingress. Our ultrasonic equipment is the class approved Sharelog Equipment with data logger.

Foreign Trade Supervision (FTS) – Pacific Marine Surveyors Kenya Ltd has considerable experience in the field of Foreign Trade Supervision (FTS) and is familiar with required inspections and documentation required

Small Craft Division

We also have a separate small craft division providing surveys for evaluation and damage assessment of pleasure boats, yachts and small fishing vessels.


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Container Handling
Motor Vehicle handling
Bulk Cargo
Loose Cargo
Project Cargo
Customs Brokerage
Freight Forwarding & Consolidation
Empty Containers


MombasaHead Office

  Head Office,Regional Logistics Centre,
Mombasa-Nairobi Highway-Miritini
P.O Box 86317-80100 Mombasa.
  +254 791 478 547.
+254 773 839 902
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NairobiBranch Office

  Nairobi Office,Regional Logistics Centre,Off Mombasa Road
East Gate/Maasai Road Behind,Police Post.
P.O Box 51879-00200 Nairobi.
  +254 777 839 902.