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Regional Logistics Centre Ltd was established in the year 2003 and registered under Companies Act (Cap. 486) of the Laws Of Kenya and has operated successfully at the port of Mombasa since inception, providing services in cargo handling and logistics for Kenya and the East and Central African countries among them Uganda, Tanzania Rwanda, South Sudan, Republic of Congo, and Burundi.

With our existing infrastructure, owned assets and cutting edge Supply Chain Suite, we are equipped as one of the largest one-stop logistics service providers with a strong ability to serve various industry verticals.

Supported by a team of experts, we strive to provide the best in logistics services for our customers, so as to support their businesses and assist in gaining competitive advantage by streamlining their logistics requirements. 

Regional Logistics Centre Ltd


Having been established sixteen years ago, Regional Logistics Centre has the best staff, unrivalled wealth of experience and excellent machinery all geared towards our clients satisfaction.

We always strive to provide the best-in-class services to our clients so as to support their businesses and assist them in gaining competitive advantages by streamlining their logistics requirements.


With our existing infrastructure, owned assets and cutting edge Supply Chain Suite, we are one of the largest one-stop logistics service providers, with the ability to serve.


Knowledge. Allignment. Driving Perfomance

With logistics experts of vast experience, we continue to deliver cutting edge supply chain solutions to our customers.. Our approach is simple and flexible. We offer a dedicated project team approach in which we assign a Project Manager to do a Complete review and study of your current systems and practices using a six sigma methodology DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Implement- Control) roadmap tool.During the project period, your Team will have unlimited access to our experts who have decades of experience in chain design and implementation of supply chain solutions.


  • Supply Chain Optimization
  •  Supply Chain Suite Selection & Implementation
  • Warehouse Operations Work Flow Simulations
  • Establish SOP – System & Work-Instruction
  • Warehousing & Distribution System Design
  • Storage & Handling System Design
  • Order Kitting Pick-Pack


Uganda traders urged to embrace Naivasha ICDCreating value across collaborative trade networks

At   Regional   Logistics   Centre   Ltd,   we   assure   you   of   on- time  shipments    and  through  our  extensive  global  freight forwarding  network  we  provide  excellent  service  lanes  and connectivity   to   major   gateways. We give you peace of mind with our expert Clearance partners who  have  sound  local  Customs  Regulations  know-how  for clearance services at major shipping gateways. Our Global Freight Network Alliances helps us in providing our clients with cost-effective and personalized support.


  • Land, Sea and Air
  • Shipment monitoring and tracking services
  • Shipment Booking
  • Customs Clearances (through our partners)
  • Insurance services (via a panel of brokers)
  • Overland transportation.
  • Bill of lading preparation (through our partners).
  • Time sensitive consignment tracking and supervision.
  • Import and    export    documentation    preparation (through    our    partners)
  • High value consignment Tracking and Supervision.


Adaptable. Scalable. Enabling solutions

Our  Contract  Logistics  include  fully  integrated  services related to Warehousing, Distribution, Last Mile Delivery and order fulfilment. We design and deliver scalable solutions tailored to your individual business needs.  We  endeavour  to  ensure  that  all  our  clients  business requirements  are  fulfilled,  service  commitments  are  met and  most  importantly,  customers  are  satisfied. Our key strength is our ability to offer flexible and hassle free  logistic  solutions  to  ensure  our  consignments move seamlessly from one point to another while keeping your supply chain running smoothly and effectively. 


  • Open yard storage
  • Online order tracking
  • Inventory management & reporting
  • Lastmiledelivery, distribution&promotionalpackaging.
  • Special tagging and labelling
  • Third party inspection services
  • Break bulk services of palletized and bagged cargoes.

PORT    OPERATIONS  (BP3)           

The vessel Rio Centaurus discharging cargo at Berth No. 21.Regional Logistics Centre Limited has an operation office located inside the port of Mombasa. The office referred to as BP3 provides cargo logistics services for consignments handled within the port. The BP3 has operated successfully inside the Port of Mombasa since the year 2003  providing services in cargo handling.


  • Motor vehicle  handling  on  direct  delivery  basis.  This involves  receiving  of  motor  vehicles  at  the  ship’s  ramp, inspecting  the  vehicles  at  the  ramp  to  determine  status,transfer of vehicles under escort security, and holding the vehicles inside the shed to await clearance by consignee appointed  clearing  agents.
  • Warehousing of  bulk  cargo  and  loose  cargo  inside  the shed
  • Handling of heavy machinery, including project cargo


Our  team  of  project  logistics  experts  handle  consignments  of various dimensions and complexity that require specialized lifting equipment.

The  team  directly  handles  over  a  million  metric  tons  of  project logistics  consignments  using  special  equipment  and  chartering services.


  • Regional and global project logistics alliances of specialists for moving in remote sites and tough terrain
  • Standard or Controlled Storage and lay-down services including special handling
  • Project logistics  management  services  for  a  wide  range  of industries,  including  construction,  mining,  power,  oil  and  gas and   chemical   industries
  • Project management,  down  to  the  smallest  details  of  your project. Exceptional attention to all regulatory compliance issues, safe  operations,  and  the  protection  of  the  environment.
  • Subject matter  experts  to  ensure  excellent  planning  and  fine tuning  of  scope  of  work  during  pre  and  post-project  period.


Limitless Capacity, Strategically Located

The CFS is strategically located in Miritini along the Mombasa – Nairobi highway at the Coast and away from traffic congestion roads. Due to this ideal location that is adjacent to the main highway, we are confident in our timely delivery and efficient services and we are also able to support    consignments of various sizes for a variety of industry verticals. Our  Open  Yards  are  fully  electric     fenced,  hard-surfaced, manned by Security Personnel and under CCTV Surveillance 24/7. 

To ease handling of consignments entering and leaving the Open Yards, we have equipped it with heavy lifting equipment like reach stackers and heavy duty diesel forklifts with licensed and certified operators and riggers.


  • Steel Coils
  • ISO Tanks (empty)
  • Various metal consignments
  • Automobiles
  • Non-temperature sensitive consignments
  • Construction Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Oversized consignments
  • Project Materials


Our team of on-site logistics experts are highly flexible and exposed to various industrial verticals offering on site logistic services either on call-off basis or on long term  contractual  basis.

Over   the   years,   we   have   worked   with   Clients   in improving their logistics services in both their owned and  outsourced  sites  by  creating  synergies  between their  staff,  processes,  technology  and  equipment  to improve  efficiency  and  reduce  logistic  cost.


  • Supply of   Material   Handling   Equipment   with/ without    Licensed Operator
  • Supply of Storage Service
  • Supply of Warehouse Management Service
  • Supply of Yard Management Service
  • Supply of Transport management service.
  • Supply of freight management service.
  • Stock count services.

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Regional Logistics Centre Ltd Team

With over 250 dedicated employees working in  both Mombasa & Nairobi, Kenya, we strive to deliver operational excellence. We are also available 24 hours / 7 Days a week to answer any queries  that may arise.

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