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The Management Team

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Moses Omollo

General Manager


Regional Logistics Center Ltd has continued to ensure that service delivery in our core activity areas remain professional, competent, efficient and  client  focused.  Over  the  years,  Regional Logistics  has  strived  to  excel  in  the  chosen service areas that include CFS cargo handling, Warehousing, Empty Container handling and Freight  Forwarding. We strive to  deliver operational  excellence and  performance with unyielding commitment to  integrity, respect, customer focus and innovation. Regional Logistics rapid   growth and ever growing  presence within  the  Eastern Africa region is   underpinned by the emphasis we  put  on  serving  our  clients. 

Together  we are   dedicated   individually   and   collectively by  not  only  meeting  but  exceeding  clients expectations.  To  achieve  this,  we  listen,  we capture  and  we  execute  their  needs  and requirements.

Our response time to queries is timely. We listen to our clients, understand their needs and execute solutions accordingly.

 We engineer our business to tailor and suit what our clients require. Basically, whatever we promise our clients, we deliver! Regional Logistics service delivery is driven by four main pillars. Namely: Integrity; Respect for all; Customer focus and Innovation. With our team of dedicated and competent staff, Regional Logistics invites you to be part of our ever growing client base and in doing so experience service delivery that is tailored to suit your needs. I assure you of our long term commitment to delivering an elevated partner experience. This is our promise. 

Management Team 

Regional Logistics Centre Ltd adheres to corporate governance principles. All the company procedures and operations are bench marked and aligned to best practice. The management hierarchy ensures that management principles are well grounded executed and followed for the overall growth of the company. Our structure incorporates an able Board of Directors which ensures that there is continued company growth and that wealth is generated for the shareholder.

The Team 

The Team of Management

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