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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A CFS is a Container Freight Station. It serves as an off-dock terminal and provides handling and storage services as an extension of the Port.  CFS‘s are licensed by Kenya Revenue Authority but works under the umbrella of KPA tariff.

CFS handles both domestic and transit cargo.  These includes: Motor vehicles from RoRo vessels Containerised Vehicles (stripping of vehicles) Heavy equipment/machinery Project cargo FC/LCL Containers Bagged Cargo Loose cargo Bulk cargo Reefer Containers Export Containers

This is the most important document in the shipping process.  To ship any goods, a B/Lading is required and acts as a receipt and contract between the carrier and the consignee (importer).

A period of time that is granted to clear the cargo without; paying storage; charges. The days run consecutively and includes Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Transfer of motor vehicles happens immediately after the vessel discharges while containers take 48 hrs or less to transfer.
  • We at Regional Logistics Centre CFS, adhere to the laid down regulations and procedures on documentation, to ensure standardization in all areas of our operations. This has consequently raised the level of confidence for continual improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s operations.
  • 100% focus on motor vehicles – if it moves we handle it
  • We know the transit market
  • “One stop” service centre for prompt clearance
  • Premier facility for vehicles security and ease of dealing on clearance
  • Transparent tariff with no hidden extra charges
  • Extended storage to suit individual needs
  • Strategically situated next to the main Nairobi Mombasa Highway for ease of access and delivery to our clients
Storage charges and remarshaling are levied after expiry of the free period.
For containerized cargo, trucks will be required to load out the boxes from the CFS to their final destinations. To have your trucks / transporter registered with us we require the below:-
  • A formal letter on a letter head
  • Copy of Log book
  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration Certificate
  • Copy of PIN certificate
  • Copy of driver’s License
  • Copy of driver’s National ID
  • Copy of Vehicle Insurance
  • Copy of GIT insurance
  • Copy of inspection Certificate
  • Copy of pin Certificate
  • Extended free storage days
  • Negotiation of favourable terms
  • Maximum security maintained during and after cargo transfer

At the time of shipping, request your shipper to insert the clause “in transit to Regional Logistic Centre CFS-Miritini” on the Bill of lading under the section of goods description and also to include the same clause in the “Final Destination” section of the Bill of Lading.
If not nominated on the bill of lading, a letter of indemnity written on the Consignee’s letter head can be provided to the shipping line at least 6 days prior to the ETA of the vessel to insert the clause for ‘regional logistics centre CFS’ before the manifest is lodged. You can always Contact our offices through the email of and cc copy to  for the sample of indemnity letter format to the respective shipping line.

To clear cargo through Regional Logistics Centre CFS, an Importer has to ensure that the Bill of Lading bears the clause “Goods in Transit to Regional Logistic Centre CFS”. 
Ensure the copy B/Lading is submitted to the CFS prior to vessels’ arrival to allow prompt cargo transfer. Present a copy B/L to our office or email it to and cc copy to 
There will be hefty KPA re-marshalling and storage for any consignees’ nominated cargo, discharged and left in the Port for lack of clearance.  It is very important to furnish the CFS with copy B/L so as to avert such charges.
Send us an authorization note from the your Company’s domain or on a letterhead indicating the trucks details, driver’s name and ID numbers and copy of driver’s License. 

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for any queries on +254  791 478 547 / +254 773 839 902 / +254 732 839 906 and on and

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